Week 4

Challenge Reflection – Week 3

For last week’s challenge, the focus was goal setting. What specific goal did you commit to accomplishing by this week?

Did you accomplish your goal? If you did – how does that make you feel?

If you didn’t – how does that make you feel?


Assignment – Ongoing Forever

  1. Is your marketing in place? Continually research and test your marketing.
  2. Are you consistently on the phone with potential business partners?
    • Take personal responsibility for your business and find someone to talk to.
    • There are 6 billion people on the planet, how many of those people do you think would be open to making more money, having more time and balance in their lives?
  3. Start being conscious of your calls. Consider recording yourself and listening to how you sound.
    • Would you get started with you?
    • Do you sound like a leader that others will follow?
    • Verbal pauses?
    • Confident?
    • Are you focused on listening and really “hearing” your potential business partners?

Your game is only as good as your practice. Tiger woods hits 1000 golf balls a day.

Have you ever considered recording yourself and listening to how you sound? This is a people business, people are buying you. Use audio acrobat to measure your progress and master your craft. You will be your best own critic.

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Expanding our Thinking – Mindset

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” -John Quincy Adams

Persistence isn’t using the same tactics over and over. Persistence is having the same goal over and over.

Why does Tiger Woods continue to hit 1,000 golf balls a day? He understands the importance of honing his skills and mastering his craft.

Practice, practice, practice. Repetition is the mother of learning. Find a place and time for consistent reinforcement – look for opportunities throughout the day to use your Natural Selling skills in real situations.

Lifetime Challenge – Consistency and Persistence

Today, we’ve identified the importance of consistency and being persistent in building your business.

The challenge for you is to fail your way to success. Most people will prepare and prepare before doing anything. We will never have all the answers. Use your results to gauge where you’re at and constantly course correct.

You only have one life, so always be your best.

We have given you the tools to duplicate our success. Now it’s up to you to make it happen.

Next week, you will receive the master password for the entire training program and ongoing training!

This completes your four week training program.