Business And Marketing Overview

Business Strategy: An introduction to what you need to succeed
o Your Big Why
o Mindset
o Vision and Affirmations
o Finding your focus
o Marketing Strategies for every budget
o What to do once you sponsor someone and more

Know Your Big “WHY”

You need to know why you are in this business. Why did you decided to invest in your future and start a home business opportunity?
Remember it’s not about the money. It’s about what the money can do for you and your family and your life style.
Really give this some thought and write in a journal. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
Knowing your “WHY” will get you through those days when you doubt your success or when others tell you that you can’t do it.
Refuse to see or accept failure

The Mindset to Success

Mindset – People from my contact list are looking for a solution to a problem & I have the potential solution.
My goal is to help them solve that problem & to interview them to see if they are a fit for my team. I don’t sell them, I ask them questions and let them convince me that they are right for my business.
I am the one with the solution & a business opportunity with a multiple 6 figure income from home.
My goal is not to make them join my business. My goal is to see if this is the right business for them and if they are right for my team.
It is fulfilling to help other people create a new life and to inspire them to reach their full potential

Vision & Affirmations

Take time to envision what success looks and feels like to you. Then write it out and keep it somewhere that you can read it everyday.


  • I am clear on what I want.
  • I want…(personal, professional, financial, material and spiritual)
  • I believe that I am successful.
  • I completely believe that I am successful and generate at least $__________ in income or more every year.
  • I have enough money to ____________, _____________, &____________.
  • I have this or something better.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes.
  • I do whatever it takes to create this life for myself.
  • I allow myself to receive this or something better.
  • I am a product of the Universal Energy and I deserve abundance and happiness.
  • I allow myself to freely receive life’s gifts.
  • I am not so tied to the outcome that I am not open to something better.
  • I follow my intuition and accept the outcome.
  • I enjoy the journey of getting there.
  • I enjoy the process.
  • I have balance in my life and enjoy this amazing journey.
  • I accept that the abundance of life and success is already mine
  • The Universe provides whatever I need and I am open to the possibilities and abundance that it provides.

Block Out The Noise

There is so much information out there and honestly a lot of it is a waste of time.
You need to control the amount of information that you are allowing in right now so…unsubscribe from all of those lists and delete all of those annoying emails.
Stop searching for that magic bullet and focus on what I am telling you to do.
Take ACTION everyday
It does take work! It does take persistence! Refuse to see or accept failure…

Filling The Pipeline

Set goals for when you will reach these goals. If you have reached them already awesome! Keep going…

  • First 10 Leads
  • First 50 Leads
  • First 100 Leads

Then you want consistency…

  • 10 Leads Per Day
  • 20 Leads Per Day
  • 50 Leads Per Day

Choose Your Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of marketing strategies available online today and you need to choose just 3 primary strategies to focus your time and energy on.
Before you choose your marketing strategies you will need to consider two things. How much time and how much money do you have?

Low Cost Marketing Strategies

  • My Space
  • VideoMarketing
  • Online Classifieds
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Networking – MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Forums…

Medium Cost Marketing Strategies

  • Banner Ads
  • Ezine Ads
  • ListBuilding
  • Your Own Website
  • Your Own Website Recommended Product

Higher Cost Marketing

  • Pay Per Click – Read the Best ebook on the topic (this is how I learned) I highly recommend that you purchase Perry Marshall’s guide. Pay Per Click is an advanced marketing strategy that we will further explore later in the training. You do not need to complete this by the end of week 2, but if you want to jumpstart your marketing knowledge feel free to dive into the guide.

There are many other types of marketing but these are the ones that I have tried and feel they are worth your time and money. I should add that I am not a fan of buying leads because I have yet to find high quality leads that have been purchased. They say that they’re out there but I’m not so sure.

Strategy, Tasks, Schedule & Goals

  • The first thing you need to do is choose 3 marketing strategies that fit your budget and time limits. You want to choose something that appeals to you. If you like writing choose article marketing, if you like doing video choose YouTube. You get the idea.
  • Then you need to create a to do list for each strategy that you have chosen.
  • And finally you need to put each item on your calender for a set time each week. For example you could do article marketing on Monday and Wednesday, PPC on Wednesday and Friday and Ezine ads on Wednesdday. Whatever you do put it on your calender and do it consistently each week.

Branding Yourself

  • You must be a leader
  • Know why someone would want you as a Sponsor
  • Confidence, Sincerity, Passion
  • Positive Energy (everybody is attracted to it)
  • What’s your story? What makes you YOU?
  • Write your story and set up profiles on
    • My Space
    • Facebook
    • Linked In
    • Squidoo

Be real, don’t ever try to sell
You need to be found online when someone does a search
You will eventually want a website but not yet. You need to focus on your primary marketing strategies for now.

What You Need To Succeed

You need to build a list so that you can promote YOU Inc. not the Business Opportunity. You will also need to communicate and build a relationship with your list. You will need a product that you can offer your list that you believe in and that will fund your marketing expenses.

  • Custom Landing Page w/video (Company site is great and people do get results from it but you need to be different)
  • Opt In Form
  • Autoresponder (well written and build relationship)
  • Funded Proposal (affiliate programs)

What To Do Once You Get The Leads

  • Follow Up (critical to your success)
  • Use You Company Overview Tools To Inform
  • Selling With Soul (don’t sell/help them find a solution)
  • Find out what has them looking for business opportunity.
  • What is their why?
  • Find the goal behind the goal
  • What about their current situation do they want to change
  • If they imagine that they achieve all of their goals what is life like?

Coach and consult. Be there to help not to sell.

What To Do When You Sponsor Someone

  • E-mail sign up instructions and be there to help.
  • Let them know what to expect
  • Standarize Training and Create Duplication by sending them to this training page

Business And Marketing Overview

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