Auto Responders

You realize by now that trying to build your business using those outdated ineffective techniques taught back in the 90’s just don’t cut it in today’s internet age.

You also now realize that you need to be creating your own endless supply of fresh leads for your business. Building YOUR OWN list, your database of prospects is your GOLDMINE.

Applying ATTRACTION MARKETING, and positioning yourself as a valuable leader, by offering incredible training, and valuable resources to your prospects is the fuel that ignites this fire, and literally explodes your business over night.

Today I want to show you EXACTLY how all of this works together.

Today we’re going to discuss how to create a marketing sales funnel that ALL your prospects get moved through so you’re making cash while you’re eating dinner, watching a movie, hanging out with your kids, or kicking back on the beach.

Ah… now that’s living the internet dream isn’t it!?

A marketing system like this serves so many purposes I couldn’t imagine doing network marketing without it. And yet 95% of network marketers DO NOT USE IT!? Insanity!?

This simple tool will EDUCATE your prospects automatically so you don’t have to manually keep sending people the same information.

Your little tool will send them valuable information, training, resources, and any additional information you want to expose your prospects to.

You have COMPLETE CONTROL over what your prospects get exposed to.
And you can literally promote absolutely anything you want, as long as it would be valuable to your prospects.

So what kind of tool am I talking about that can educate, sift, and sort your prospects all on autopilot?
What kind of tool can manage your business for you while you’re sound asleep in bed, so that you can wake up to emails in your inbox of interested people who want to join you in your business?

It’s called an email auto-responder. And hopefully you know a little bit about it. An auto-responder is an Internet Network Marketers best friend.

If you don’t want to write all of the messages yourself then you can use my prewritten autoresponders and you can even customize them to your liking.


You can then just copy and paste them into your autoresponder. If you are using LifePathPro and you need help on doing this I have created a video that will show you how to get this set up.

[flashvideo filename=videos/autorespondercopypaste.flv /]

With this powerful little tool you can handle an unlimited amount of prospects entering your funnel. Most importantly…you can completely control the information your prospects will get for the rest of time.

All on Auto-Pilot!

You can brand yourself into their minds so you have extreme credibility and power.

Not only will you be signing up new distributors in your business, but with an auto-responder you can have MULTIPLE products being marketed to people simultaneously.

This is how all the top producers build their businesses!

This is the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE of ANY internet business!! I really hope you GET THIS POINT!

You should have MULTIPLE sources of income from your list of prospects. I personally have over 10 sources that ALL of my prospects get exposed to at some point through my on going communication with them.

And my websites and auto-responder do all of the selling for me!

You will need to choose products that you believe in and sign up for their affiliate programs and enter your affiliate links into your messages.

Just take a minute to think about everything and let it really sink in…

The secret to making money in this business is to capture your leads and then stay in touch with them and build a relationship of trust. You do this with autoresponders. Not everyone will join your business today. The timing might not be right or maybe they will never join but you can sell them other products.

Technology IS the FUTURE. And the people who understand that now…are going to use it to make a KILLING while other network marketers are struggling for table scraps.

If you want to profit massively just like I am with the same exact knowledge…now is the time to take action.

It’s time to start generating your own leads, funneling them through your squeeze page, and guiding them through your carefully crafted marketing funnel.

When you do this…you can not fail.

Dare To Dream…