Branding Yourself

Today I want you to start to write your story in Microsoft Word. You will use it to create profiles on at least 3 different social networking sites and forums.

So what do you talk about… YOU

Don’t talk about your business opportunity. Talk about who you are, what problems you had that made you start your own business, what you found that solves those problems (just the benefits don’t try to sell your business here it’s too soon). What are your hobbies and interests. Try to connect with people by being yourself. Remember don’t sell anything. Offer some type of help, training or advice.

You know I still get a lot of questions from people about the concept of ATTRACTION MARKETING and the main one is usually this;

“How can I be a leader, and an expert and ATTRACT people to me, when I haven’t made a lot of money yet?!”

Well here’s the thing you need to understand… Its NOT about how much money you’ve made. MONEY has NOTHING to do with it!

BOTTOM LINE: After you are done with all this training… you will know and understand more about MARKETING on the internet than 95% of all the network marketers out there!

That is powerful.

That makes YOU incredibly VALUABLE!

Its now your task to communicate your VALUE to the marketplace!

Let me explain…

When I started out in Direct Sales I wasn’t making any money and I wasn’t sure what I had to offer others to make them want to join my team. So what I did was I focused on learning as much as I possibly could.

I read many, many books, I listened to CD’s, I watched videos and I bought a lot of programs. I learned from all of it and before long I knew more than most people in this business ever will.

I don’t say this to brag I just want you to understand that anyone can learn this business and before long you will know more than most people and you will definitely know more than the newbies.

So the thing is this… I succeeded because I CHOSE to position myself as an expert… as a leader… I just absorbed great information, like we all can…


Even when I wasn’t making the money yet. See here’s what you need to understand… You don’t have to make a ton of money to teach this… but because I actually started teaching… I began to generate cash flow… and FAST TOO!

So what’s my point?

I want to make it crystal clear to you how important it is that you see yourself as a leader.


Tell your story. Study all you can.

Become more VALUABLE! And then start teaching!

There are millions of struggling entrepreneurs on the internet RIGHT NOW… just searching for the right teacher… a leader… their “Mentor”… someone who will help them to reach their goals.
YOU are that Mentor!

Own your greatness and get out there and change lives!