Week 3 LPU

Challenge Reflection – Week 2

Last week’s challenge was for you to experience one activity that was outside of your comfort zone in order for you to move closer to what you want.

What action did you take? Was it outside of your comfort zone? How did it make you feel?

Discovery Check

Ask yourself – are you playing “full-out” with Discovery? Are you experiencing the exercises to the fullest – not making excuses or picking/choosing what to participate in? If you’re not, ask yourself – why? Has this been a pattern for me?
If you are playing “full out” – excellent. You are expanding your comfort zone daily.

  1. What day have you completed with Discovery?
  2. What are you learning?
  3. How are you applying what you learned to your life?

Weekly Focus – Webinar, Follow-up and 3-Ways

Making initial contact with potential business partners

When potential business partners initially request information, contact them ASAP. Leads are like bananas – they ripen quickly.

Contact ideally within 24 hours.

Once you have completed the initial call/guideline with your potential business partner, the next step is to get them more information and schedule them on a LIVE webinar.

Ideally, you want to schedule them for a LIVE webinar for that same day. If their schedule does not allow for the same day, you can schedule them LIVE for the following day.

If all else fails and they are not able to make it LIVE that same day or the following day – give them the RECORDED webinar www.aboutlifepath.com

NOTE: The LIVE webinar is always best. People see the business happening LIVE right before them. They are able to hear LIVE testimonials and have the opportunity to be involved and ask questions. Another plus, because you schedule people at a specific time, you always know when to follow up.

Registering potential business partners for LIVE webinar

Most people are overwhelmed and extremely busy. We want to make the process of attending the LIVE webinar very simple and enjoyable. We recommend you personally schedule your potential business partners for the webinar.

After the initial call, you will find out which LIVE webinar works best for their schedule.

Immediately after the initial call

  1. Go to www.lifepathpresents.com
  2. Click ONCE on the date/time of the webinar they requested (adjust accordingly – all webinar times are Eastern/Standard.) A new window will open – in the bottom of that window reads “For more information” and a link for go2meeting.com
  3. Double click on the go2meeting link.
  4. Enter their first name, last name and e-mail address.
  5. Click on Register for Webinar – They will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail in their inbox and a reminder e-mail on the day of the scheduled webinar.
  6. Tell them to go to their e-mail 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled webinar (mention checking their junk/spam folder, just in case.)
  7. Tell them to open the e-mail and click on the “JOIN WEBINAR” link.
  8. Mention to them that the easiest way to listen to the webinar audio is through their computer speakers.
  9. Tell them that there will also be instructions for telephone audio once they arrive at the webinar.
  10. Inform them to get in contact with you if they do not receive their webinar confirmation via e-mail.

Following up after the LIVE webinar
You can choose to follow up with your potential business partners just after the webinar or the following day, depending on the time and what you feel is best. Remember – the fortune is in the follow up.

Even if someone tells you they will call you after the webinar – ALWAYS follow up with them – ideally within 24 hours of their scheduled webinar.

Follow Up Guideline

Hi potential business partner. This is your name from your city.

Did you make it to the webinar?

What were your thoughts on what you heard?
If you don’t mind me asking you this question, just so I can kind of know where you’re at with others starting with me here – but on a scale of one to ten – one, that it’s really not for you – ten, that it might be what you’re looking for – where would you rate yourself at?

  • 7-10 Repeat #, that’s pretty high – why so high?
  • 5-6 Repeat #, that’s kind of in the middle – why in the middle?
  • 1-4 Repeat #, that’s pretty low – why so low?

If they are a six or above – three-way them to your Destiny advisor

Potential business partner, are you going to be at this same number for the next 15-20 minutes?
If you’ll be available, I’m going to call you back and I can demonstrate the final step of our system for you.
Are you o.k. with that?

Hang up and contact your Destiny advisor for a three way.

Three Way Guideline

“Hi potential business partner, it’s your name.

I’ve taken the liberty to get your destiny advisor with LifePath on the line with us.

We do this for two reasons –

#1. To demonstrate the level of support – we’re all here to help each other.

#2. To demonstrate that you can be brand new and not have to answer any questions –
people can start making money right away.

So I have your Destiny advisor here with us on the line. your Destiny advisor is one of the top income earners here at LifePath and has really supported me in getting my business off the ground and continues to support me with everything here.

Your Destiny advisor, this is potential business partner. Potential business partner is/was former occupation and is looking to their reason for making a make a change. (Mention one or two emotionally charged reasons they expressed for making a change.)

Potential business partner, this is your Destiny advisor. Destiny advisor, this is potential business partner.

You’re done! Put your phone on mute and you can let your Destiny advisor take over from there.
When the call is finished, next steps should be clarified.

It is most powerful when all three hang up at the same time.

Following the Three-Way

Some potential business partners will be ready to move forward and get started right away.
Others may require time to review additional information.

  1. You could give them www.lifepathunlimited.com site for additional information.
  2. You could set them up with that week’s Friday morning “Giving Back” call – (712) 432-8730 PIN 32345
  3. Always set a day/time to follow up again – “Potential business partner, when do you think you’ll have time to review the material?”

Assignment – to be completed by Week 4

  1. Start practicing the Natural Selling guideline daily.
  2. Continue Listening to Jeremy Miner’s two initial calls (follow along with the guideline.)
  3. Call your home and/or cell phone provider to be prepared to conduct a three-way from your phone(s).
  4. Register yourself and attend a LIVE webinar so you are familiar with the process of registering your potential business partners.
  5. Start practicing the follow-up guideline.
  6. Start practicing the three-way guideline.

Expanding our Thinking – Mindset

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history.
Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.” -J.C. Penney

Over the last three weeks, we’ve explored limiting beliefs, we’ve expanded our comfort zone,
now we will focus on moving forward.

Whether it’s our finances, our family, our health, our contribution to society, or all of the above…
we all dream of how our life would look life if it were perfect in every respect. The difference between the people who
eventually live the life of their dreams and those who will only ever yearn for their dream is goal setting.

We all have goals, whether we consciously set them or not. Whether it is to pay the bills at the end of the week; or to buy a new house; or to increase profits in your business; or to lose those extra few pounds; or to create the life of your dreams… everybody has goals. The difference between living a fulfilling life and just living an average life is the quality of the goals you set for yourself.

Did you know that studies have found that 95% of adults will never write a goal in their life?
Another interesting statistic is the distribution of wealth throughout the population.

Recent studies have found that 90% of all the wealth in our society is controlled by just 10% of the population.

Did you know that an airplane traveling between two cities is on course only 5% of the time? The other 95% of the time is spent getting back on course as a result of the wind and air pressure.

Setting goals is like having a destination before takeoff. If you know where you’re going, you can focus on the end result and get back on track if and when obstacles get in the way.

  • Are you getting clearer on your goals through the Discovery process?
  • Have you written out your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT goals on your Discovery goal cards?
  • If you haven’t… then when?

Weekly Mindset Challenge – Comfort Zone

Today, we’ve identified the importance of goal setting.

The challenge this week is for you to think of one specific goal that you’d like to accomplish by next week.

This doesn’t have to be something complicated. Less is more.

Accomplishing this goal/task will build your confidence and move you one step closer to the life you desire.

The goal I will commit to accomplishing this week is. . .

We’ll reflect on this week 4.