Week 1 LPU

Discovery Check

The shortest route to success is between our ears – (our mind.) This business is 95% mindset – 5% logistics.

To experience the next level of success in business, it’s imperative that we continue to expand our thinking in order to create different habits, which leads to different results. Take advantage of the power of Discovery.

  1. What day have you completed with Discovery?
  2. What are you learning?
  3. How are you applying what you learned to your life?

Weekly Focus – Introduction to Natural Selling Principles

This week we will be introducing the foundation of the Natural Selling principles.

Next week you will learn the application and continued mastery of the Natural Selling guideline.

Understanding how to communicate effectively with your potential business partners is crucial.
To have success, we have to submit our ego and forget everything we’ve learned in the past related to selling.

What if selling wasn’t what we thought it was? What if selling was being of service – assisting other people to get what they want, so that we can get what we want?

Our purpose in this business is to help other people solve their problems.

People only care about two things:

  1. Themselves.
  2. Whether or not we can help them.

Assignment – To be Completed by Week 2.

  1. Begin reading the Natural Selling E-Book Natural Selling By Michael Oliver
  2. Listen to the overview of the Natural Selling Teleseminar Series call

Assignment – Create ClearBluePrint Marketing Pages

This week we are simply going to lay the ground work for your marketing pages. In the weeks to come we will show you how to create your audio and video clips that will allow you to customize your landing pages to you.

For now, just watch the video and learn how to create your account and set up your pages.

Spend some time coming up with your own original story that will let your potential business partners learn more about you.

[flashvideo filename=videos/cbp.flv /]

Your sponsor will provide you with a link to create your ClearBluePrint account and get started!

If you have already received the link from your sponsor, go ahead and set up your ClearBluePrint account at your earliest convenience!

Expanding Our Thinking – Mindset

“The past is an anchor holding us back. We have to let go of who we are, to become who we will be.”

So what is a belief?

Think of a belief as a thought reinforced by emotion from the accumulation of events that occur in our lives. Our beliefs are not solely our beliefs – they are also an accumulation of other people’s beliefs.

Think about this – who have you associated and surrounded yourself with throughout your life? We draw conclusions from these people and events and absorb it all emotionally. This is what creates our core beliefs.

These core beliefs control our thoughts, which control our actions, which create our results and ultimately our destiny. Good or bad, our beliefs have led us to where we are today.

Each of us has been influenced daily by our parents, friends, spouse, co-workers, educators, culture, the media, government, religion, etc. As a result, we’ve developed our own unique perspective on ourselves and how we choose to operate in the world. If we’re not conscious of how we think and act, it doesn’t take long before we’re back on auto pilot -with our subconscious beliefs guiding our every action and outcome.

When it comes to our success, here are some common limiting beliefs that might hold us back…

  • My family and friends won’t support me.
  • I’m in a new industry I know little about.
  • I’m not good with computers.
  • I’m not good at marketing.
  • I don’t handle rejection well.
  • I like to know everything before I take action.
  • I lack confidence – why would people get started with me?
  • I’ve never experienced the success I desire.
  • I’m afraid of failing.
  • I’m afraid of succeeding.

Do any of the above beliefs hit a chord with you?
If not, set your ego aside and ask yourself again.

Weekly Mindset Challenge – Limiting Beliefs

It’s imperative to focus on the positive – always moving forward, although sometimes certain things may subconsciously hold us back – things we may not even be aware of! None of us are perfect.

Without consciously acknowledging thoughts/beliefs that could hold us back – nothing will change.

We need to first recognize and acknowledge our limiting beliefs in order to overcome our limitations and create different results in our lives.

This week’s challenge is to focus on recognizing and identifying any limiting belief(s).

What tapes do you continue to replay in your mind? Jot down patterns of thinking. We’ll review this on week 2.

A limiting belief that I have identified. . .

By The End Of Week 1 You Should Have:

  • Completed 5 Days In 56 Days To Destiny
  • Read Business Success E-Book
  • Read Part 1 and Part 2 Of Natural Selling E-Book
  • Created ClearBluePrint Account
  • Listened To Natural Selling Recording
  • Set-Up a FaceBook and a MySpace Account
  • Chosen 1 Mindset E-Book to Read over the next month
  • Read Attraction Marketing and Branding Yourself Sections of Week 1

Week 1 Resource Materials: