Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to living the life you truly deserve.

You have the opportunity to experience life-changing personal growth and
financial fulfillment through the LifePath Unlimited products and business. With
the support of your new community and our company’s automated business
systems, you will be able to share your success with others and help them create
their own success while creating your own financial freedom.

You have been attracted to this exceptional new opportunity with LifePath
Unlimited for a reason. We call it the law of attraction at work. We all experience
success because our company has dedicated time and resources to creating
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Keep in mind that you have chosen LifePath Unlimited as your home-based
business. You absolutely must begin treating your new business as a business
right away. If you want to grow and reap the financial rewards now available to
you, you must devote time and effort, patiently and persistently.

The purpose of this manual is to assist you in taking the proper steps to get your
business started quickly and to set some realistic expectations based on the time
and resources you are willing to commit to grow your business.

Getting Started Manual

The word Selling is derived from the old English word Sellan. So its original (traditional) meaning was “To help”… “To serve”… “To exchange”.

And this is precisely how we define the LifePath Natural Selling Approach – Selling that
is based on the fundamental thinking and purpose of helping people solve their
problems. You could say – Selling on Purpose.

Natural Selling Manual