A lot of thought and research was put into the pace and flow of this training program. Most people start out with marketing and advertising first but that is a formula for failure. I want you to have every opportunity to succeed so do as the top earners do and follow this sysytem.

You may be eager to get started but you are building a real business here and that takes a little time. Be patient, be consistent and take action and you will have amazing results.

First you will concentrate on mastering your mindset and thinking like a top earner thinks. This is a vital step in your achieving financial freedom so please DO NOT underestimate it.

Next we will focus on what to say to your potential partners (leads). Before we start marketing and generating potential partners it is critical that you know how to sell without selling. Your approach and your dialogue with determine your success. You can have all the leads you want but if you don’t know what to say you are just wasting your time.

Finally we will focus on Internet Marketing. You will learn all of the most effective ways to market online and generate a constant flow of potential partners. The Marketing section is broken down by your monthly budget and includes videos to show you what to do to get results. If you are in the Medium or High Cost Budget range feel free to use the marketing strategies from any section.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Watch the Secret

Go to www.whatisthesecret.tv and watch the movie. (You may also watch it on DVD, listen to it on audio and/or read the book if you choose.)

The principles of “The Secret” will be part of the foundation for your mindset throughout your business.

Step 2: Write Down Your Income Goals

Start thinking about what you want to achieve personally and financially in your first 30, 60, 90 days and 1st year. (Goals to begin once your business is up and running within a couple of weeks). It’s not just about the number – your goals should clearly define what you’re passionate about achieving and what it personally means for you. (The number $250K means nothing if you are not clear on why you want the money and what specifically it will bring to you in your life.) We challenge you to stretch your thinking. Also, when writing out your income goals, be careful not to get caught up in over analyzing – “paralysis by analysis.”

Review your goals, your advisor will assist you in defining them. Also, your advisor will show you how to reach your income goals within your specific time frame and give you a plan of action to get there.

Step 3: Open up your Heart

So that your advisor can have a better understanding of you and coach you most effectively, please complete the following sentences below and email them to your Destiny advisor prior to your business plan. If you’re o.k. with this, we ask that you let your guard down – open up to us. The more that we know about what is important to you, the more we can assist you.

  1. My personal trait(s) and/or characteristic(s) that may have held me back from the life I desire are. . .
  2. My biggest fear is. . .
  3. My biggest motivation is. . .

Step 4: Order your Domain Name (URL)

Click on www.godaddy.com or any domain service of your choice and search for and order your domain name (URL.) Keep your domain name as short and sweet as possible. Think of something that is easy for others to remember, but meaningful to you (.com is always preferred but if it’s already taken, .biz or .net will suffice.)

Once you have completed Steps 1-4, move onto the Final Step

Final Step: Your Business Plan

Call your advisor to schedule a date/time for your business plan. Allow 1 hour. This will be a powerful opportunity to map out a clear and concise plan for your success. During your business plan, we will go over your 30, 60, 90 and 1st year income goals. We will then develop a plan of action to get you there.

Congratulations – that completes orientation!

Warm Market

Some of our new associates have family, friends, co-workers, etc. that express interest in knowing more about your business. For the next couple of weeks we suggest focusing on completing orientation and getting your business off the ground.

However, if you absolutely feel the urge to share this opportunity, we suggest that you say as little as possible as you might fall into selling, telling and explaining which could push people away and possibly turn them off.

We recommend saying something along these lines. .

“I’m working with a group of successful entrepreneurs who are teaching me to generate a multiple six figure income from home so that I can (fill in the blank.)” If you like, I could put you in touch with them?”

A Final Note

Your business is 95% mindset – 5% logistics.

In order to be successful in your business, it’s imperative to start expanding your mind and to develop new habits that create different results. Our mission is to assist you in tapping into your unlimited potential. As top income earners in the industry, we were able to generate a multiple six figure income within our first year – we say that not to impress you, but to show you what is possible. We give you the tools, training and guidance for you to duplicate our success. Do as the leaders do – listen and follow your advisor.

You are a part of our vision.