#1 – Questions Can Make You Rich

“How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” (Selling from the Soul. Ancient Wisdoms. Modern Practice)It’s no secret that knowing ‘How to Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time’… and ‘Listening to What is Being Meant, Not Just What is Being Said’… are the essential problem-solving skills of the effective Distributor.These skills will get you what you want, faster and more efficiently. They will allow you to understand what others want before you start Telling your Story or Presenting.

Training Call 1- Questions Can Make You Rich Psychology of Selling/Prospecting (The Power of Every Question You Ask)

  • Discover the Secrets of the Questions you ask… Are you a teller or an asker?
  • Discover How to Eliminate Rejection (become a Rejection Super Hero) and the technique to turn it into dollars
  • Understand the 2 types of rejections – be able distinguish the difference between the two and step by step instructions on how to turn them into opportunities to build your business
  • Master the psychology of selling… Selling is not what you think it is
  • Transform Yourself into an Powerful communicator
  • Know the hidden power problem questions -
  • Discover the 3 main communication modes
  • Master Dialogue Persuasion
  • Understand and grab the power of Socrates. The Science of allowing others to persuade themselves