Natural Selling

Will You Become A Master Communicator!

In this special never done before training you will… discover what the top earners know about talking to your potential partners.

  • Discover How you can grow you business in the next 30 days, (not 3 months, 6 months or a year) literally in the next 30 days. Without the fear and anxiety of losing your friends.
  • Learn an Ancient Sales technique that has been around for thousands of years, yet most people are not even aware of it.
  • Become an expert at a 5 Step Method, learned from the sales masters and simplified into 5 easy to follow stages. Even people who know nothing about selling can achieve success.
  • Learn how most Network Marketers actually create their own objections and rejection by the way they communicate with people and how you can avoid being rejected starting now.
  • Learn How to avoid the self sabotage that causes most Network Marketers to fail. 8 POWERFUL Pre-recorded Tele-Classes on mastering the most IMPORTANT SKILLS in your Network Marketing Business…YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Training Call 1- Questions Can Make You Rich Psychology of Selling/Prospecting (The Power of Every Question You Ask)

  • Discover the Secrets of the Questions you ask… Are you a teller or an asker?
  • Discover How to Eliminate Rejection (become a Rejection Super Hero) and the technique to turn it into dollars
  • Understand the 2 types of rejections – be able distinguish the difference between the two and step by step instructions on how to turn them into opportunities to build your business
  • Master the psychology of selling… Selling is not what you think it is
  • Transform Yourself into an Powerful communicator
  • Know the hidden power problem questions -
  • Discover the 3 main communication modes
  • Master Dialogue Persuasion
  • Understand and grab the power of Socrates. The Science of allowing others to persuade themselves

Training Call 2 – The mindset of your prospects when you first call them.

  • Discover the 4 Power of Dialogue Principles
  • Master the art of Helping other people solve their problems.
  • Learn how to listen to what people mean, not just what they say
  • Discover the 4 active listening skills
  • Learn the art of “being” (Be present, Be Acknowledging, Be accepting, Be present)This alone is worth the price of the course…
  • Proven tips on How to ask the right questions at the right time
  • Feedback – the secret of repeating what you hear

Training Call 3- The Forgotten Art of Asking Questions

This teleseminar will have you go into your pyscy and break your old habits of how you communicate and have you re-exam the simple process of “asking”
  • Why do we ask
  • How do we ask
  • What do we ask
  • How to powerfully connect with your prospects

Training Call 4 – Asking Stage 1: The Revelation Stage

  • Background Questions
  • Background Questions Mastery
  • Problem Questions
  • Problem Questions Mastery

Training Call 5 – Asking Stage 2: Solution Questions

  • Solution Questions Probing deeper-additional under the surface questions

Training Call 6 – Asking Stage 3: The Committing Stage

  • Committing Questions
  • Helping people overcome their own concerns
  • Final Committing Questions
  • Getting Paid – Collecting payment

Training Call 7 – The Power of Dialogue

  • The Transition stage
  • Presenting-how to have prospect persuade themselves to get on the calls
  • The Magic is the Follow up

Training Call 8 – Creating a Self Motivated Team

The Culmination Point of the Business: The Business Plan
  • Training your team
  • The Business plan – How to get your people positioned for your business right when they start

Natural Selling Program