Online Classified Ads

This strategy has to be one of the easiest ones, perfect for newbies and those with little technical skills.

You might be aware of the hundreds of FREE CLASSIFIED ads websites on the internet. Many network marketers start out by posting FREE CLASSIFIED ads on many of these sites. Some have gone on to really master this technique and can generate THOUSANDS of dollars in income just by placing simple FREE Classified ads online.

DO NOT ignore this simple strategy.

YOU WILL get results BUT you MUST be consistent. THE SECRET again is MASSIVE ACTION!! Don’t just put out 10 ads and think you’ll get any results.

You need to have a plan to post 10, 20, 50 ads every day on multiple sites on a consistent basis. This shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes each day. You also need to focus on the most popular, high traffic websites with your TARGET MARKET.

Here’s a video on some of the top Classified Sites to use for this strategy.


[flashvideo filename=videos/onlineclassifieds.flv /]

Steps To

  1. Choose Keyword (keyword research video in future training)
  2. Create attention grabbing title with keyword
  3. Set Price
  4. Write a description:

  5. Use the keyword as the first word
  6. Use the H1 headline tag
  7. Write 1 – 2 paragraphs (about 100 – 200)words
  8. Include Images
  9. Add another paragraph (50 -100 words)
  10. Add title again at bottom but this time use bold print without the H1 headline tag
  11. Add link to site where you want the viewer to go
  12. Select Autorenew

That’s all there is to it! Be consistent place several ad per day. Set it up once and forget it.

Here are some of the bigger Online Classified Sites:

Take MASSIVE ACTION my friend! There’s really no excuses when its this easy!