My Space

MySpace is one of the best free marketing tools available. By now you should have your website, email autoresponders, and your sales funnel set up and ready to start generating income.

Today, I want to teach you one of my favorite FREE marketing strategies. This is one of the first strategies I teach all my new members because it’s easy and free and extremely effective… IF you do it right.

Using MySpace to network and meet potential business partners has really been catching on with networkers that understand how powerful social networking online really is.

Unfortunately, the majority of networkers who try using MySpace are still doing it all wrong.

Successful marketing on MySpace and all other Web2.0 & social networking websites requires that you fully understand and apply the principles of ATTRACTION MARKETING.

The real key to success on MySpace is knowing how to create your profile and understanding how to position yourself and communicate with others.

If you understand what your prospects are REALLY looking for, then you know what to give them.

And that is the key.

Your offer needs to address their main problems and provide hope and solutions. That`s why, if you just put up a MySpace page pitching your biz opp, you may wonder why you haven’t signed anyone up in your business yet, even though you’ve added thousands of friends.

You see… marketing is all about your message.

It’s about understanding WHO your target market is and exactly WHAT it is they NEED.

When you get those 2 things down… you will literally attract people to you and your business like a magnet.

This is WHY you need to use an ATTRACTION MARKETING website and message. Don’t promote your business opportunity… instead lead with TRAINING and solutions.

I know that I am repeating myself here but this is IMPORTANT?


I’ve put together a few videos to get you started with your MySpace profile and adding hundreds of friends to your network.

Get started with your MySpace Marketing Training

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The 5 Elements To A Great MySpace Profile

Here’s what you want to add in the “About Me” section. Follow this order.

If you don’t have a program that does HTML,use the MySpace mini editor under the BLOG section.

  1. Introduce yourself (with your name) as the creator of your main web site and add a link to your web site. Above this introduction paste your slideshow HTML.
  2. Tell your life story. Build rapport. This is where people see if they relate or connect with you.
  3. Struggles & Solutions Now share your life’s frustrations and struggles. Explain what caused you to look for answers to your problems. Then explain how you found the solution to your frustrations and struggles. What was the outcome. How is your life different?
  4. Call To Action By now the readers who connect with you want to know about your solution. They are curious of what you are talking about. Invite reader to contact you by email, leave a phone number, invite them to visit your landing page or web site. Make sure you have an autoresponder form so you can capture their info.
  5. Create Trageted Leads Then, tell your reader who you want to network and connect with. This is also the best time to to let them know who you don’t want to deal with. Tip – if you exactly what you are looking for you will weed out the general public and create highly targeted leads. You should also have a call to action to call you, email you or visit your site.

Tip: We all love looking at pictures so make a slideshow of your personal photos. You can go to to build your FREE slideshow. They give you step by step instructions.

How To Setup Your MySpace Profile

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Driving Traffic To Your Profile

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The best software to automate the process of adding friends to your MySpace account is Friend Blaster

To learn more about MySpace marketing I highly recommend this program MySpaceSecrets

If You haven’t done it already get started on your profile right away… and then start adding 100-200 friends each day to build your network and grow your business.Tomorrow, I’ll share with you another one of my favorite and SUPER easy strategies to start building your list and generating some income!