Keyword Research


By using videos, you “Could get yourself on the first page of Google”. Now I want to tell you how…It really all starts with Keyword Research. So if getting on the 1st page of Google is something you want to do… you need watch the Keyword Research videos I put together for you here:

Secrets of Successful Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that your potential partners will search for online to find what they are looking for and then you will use those words in your online advertising. You will use these words in your articles, videos, pay per click and more. The key to your success is to find keywords that are in demand but not such high demand that there is too much competition. Keyword research is not simple but its all worth it. You will need to do your homework before you choose your keywords so I have given you the best tools, information and resources that I have found over the past few years. This information is invaluable and if you really put some time and effort into understanding how keywords can help you with your online marketing you will be unstoppable.

Go through each step and learn as much as you can and then TAKE ACTION!


Must Read Articles

There are a LOT more free articles here…

WordTracker is one of the best tools around for keyword research. They have a free and paid membership versions. Make sure you check out all of the articles and FREE info in the “Academy” tab.

Free Google Adwords Cheat Sheet

Free Keyword Ebooks

  • Adwords Made Easy Great free ebook that will give you the basics of an adwords campaign.

  • Keyword Elite Case Study Ready a case study and learn all about Keyword Elite results.

  • Keyword Research Guide An e-book packed with insight, tips, and techniques on keyword research that you can apply easily to your own website.

Keyword Research Tools

  • The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords This guy is the king of Pay Per Click and this ebook taught me everything I know about creating cash generating campaigns. I am not and expert but HE is. Even if you don’t buy the book sign up for the 5 Days To Success With Google AdWords. The book costs around $50 and will save you hundreds if not thousands in PPC mistakes. I still use it today.

  • Keyword EliteThis is my favorite keyword research tool. It does a lot more than just suggest keywords and I use it all of the time. Keyword Elite can quickly generate enormous, 10,000+ keyword lists within minutes. Spy on your Adwords competition. Find hidden niches,and uncover thousands of profitable Adsense keywords