E-zine Ads

How would you like to have a list of 10,000, 20,000 maybe even 50,000 hot prospects, that you could send an email promotion to, by the end of this week? Sound pretty cool?

Do you think you might get some traffic from that? Maybe a few subscribers?

You bet!

This is the POWER of Ezine Advertising, also referred to as SOLO AD marketing.

In case you don’t know what an Ezine is, it’s simply an online newsletter. Basically it is somebody who has already built a list of subscribers, and sends those subscribers regular emails with valuable content.

Since you don’t have a list with 10,000 people yet, what you can do to build your list, is USE SOMEONE ELSE’S list!!

There are thousands of website owners who have built massive lists of subscribers, AND they are willing to let you send an email to those subscribers, promoting what you have to offer.

You can BUILD YOUR LIST by leveraging their existing list.

Ezine Advertising is one of the favorite Marketing Strategies of MANY TOP Producers.


Now.. there’s a few things you NEED to know before spending any money on Ezine Advertising.

REMEMBER: Not ALL Lists are created equal!

  1. Subscribe to the ezine you are considering and see if the content is any good. The better the content is the more responsive the list will be.
  2. The only ads worth running are SOLO ADS. Don’t waste money on small “sponsor ads” which get lost in the content of the newsletter. You should be purchasing SOLO ADS only. This means that your EMAIL AD gets sent out to the list all on its own. SOLO ADS provide the BEST response.
  3. Keep your ads short. Don’t try to sell your offer in the SOLO AD. The goal is just to get them to your site and give you their name email address. Offer a giveaway if you can and create curiosity so the reader CLICKS YOUR LINK!
  4. The secret is to remain consistent over a period of time and test many different ezines. You should create a consistent plan, based on your budget, to send out regular SOLO ADS over several weeks and months.
  5. Make sure you use a TRACKING system (If you are a LifePathPro member you have promo codes you can use). You need to track so you know exactly how many visitors and leads you get from each SOLO AD. With LifePath we’ve got the tracking built right in!
  6. When you find ezines that convert a good number of leads, for a good price per lead, hold on to that ezine and send more SOLO ADS. Try different ads, different headlines, and slightly different content to pull more leads from the lists that worked before. Get rid of the ezines that didn’t work!

Honestly…. this is a very easy marketing strategy that could very well become a cornerstone of your marketing plan.

Again the secret here is consistency, persistence and testing!

You should plan right now how many SOLO ADS you can afford to put out per month… and then create a 6 month plan around that.

Go now to the TEAM TRAINING Page and review the training on EZINE ADVERTISING:

Ezine Solo Ads

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Recommended Ezine Advertising Sources: (I have not tried all of these but I have heard that they were responsive)

The secret to success is CONSISTANCY! Create a budget and stick to it. Plan to send 1-5 solo ads every week or every other week. Just remain consistent.

These are recommended sources that I have compiled from trusted sources. This does not guarantee your results. Advertising is still about testing. Do 10, if 3 work … great! Repeat those 3 and keep looking for more!

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Affiliate link – The Directory of Ezines You only need the annual membership not the lifetime because you will know which ones work within a year.

Here are some ezines to try.