Copywriting is the most overlooked skill that network marketers need to succeed. It is one of the easiest ways to separate YOURSELF from the competition.

Copywriting will make or break your marketing efforts.

If you want results you need to have strong ads and emails. If you want leads you need to know copywriting.

The best way to learn how to write effective ad copy is by watching what successful copywriters do and start a “swipe file”.

4 Keys to Successful CopyWriting

  • 1. Be Yourself, write like you are talking to a friend
  • 2. Provide Benefits not features
  • 3. Position Yourself as a leader
  • 4. Provide value to your reader, do not try to hard sell

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The 5 Steps to Successful Copywriting

  • Step 1 : Know your Target Audience
  • Step 2 : Choose a Specific Angle
  • Step 3 : Create & use Your Swipe File
  • Step 4 : Create your headline and bullets using Benefits
  • Step 5 : Call to ACTION

Sample Headlines:

  • Who else wants to…
  • Discover how you can…
  • How to … In …
  • Who Else Wants To … Without …
  • Top 10 Ways To…
  • Top 10 Reasons To…
  • How to Have…
  • Learn My Secrets to…

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