Article Marketing

You know there’s only one regret I have about my business on the internet.

I really wish I would have started writing articles consistently and posting my content online way back when I first started marketing.

You know I love paid marketing strategies like EZINE ADVERTISING and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, but the problem with all those strategies is that if you STOP paying for the ads… your traffic STOPS.

But… how would you like to put out an “advertisement” ONCE and get traffic from that ONE “advertisement” for years to come?

THAT is the incredible power and leverage of CONTENT MARKETING or “article marketing”.

You see when you create an article, a blog post, a squidoo lens, or any other piece of content online, including videos and forum posts…

… that little piece of content STAYS online FOREVER.


And can potentially bring you traffic on an ongoing basis for years and years to come.

Its like having your own piece of real estate on the internet. And there’s no limit to how much real estate you can create.

Think about this.

If you create 10 articles and submit these articles to just 10 article directories… you would have 100 little pieces of content out on the internet.

Each one of them with a link back to your main website.

Its like 100 little fishing hooks out in the water ready to catch a bite!

Now lets say each of these articles, on average brings you just 5 visitors per month. That would be 50 visitors to your website each and every month.

Doesn’t sound like very much does it?

But wait.. because this is sort of like building residual income, but with traffic.

Now imagine this…

You actually get serious… and you decide that you will create just 1 article each day.

1 article each day…at the end of 90 days, you would have 90 articles. Incredible what a little CONSISTENCY can do, no?

So you have 90 articles and you submit them to those 10 article directories.

You now have 900 little fishing hooks out on the internet each one with your website link.

Now assuming we get a measly 5 visits from each article, each month (and this is a very low number) this simple strategy of creating content would bring you ….

4500 VISITORS to your website EACH and EVERY MONTH!!

If you’re website converts around 10% from visits to leads, which ours do… that would create roughly 450 LEADS for your business EVERY MONTH!!

All absolutely FREE!!

Not sure if I can make it any clearer for you!

Imagine if you kept this up for a whole year?!

Now get to work:

Discover Why Article Marketing Is The Best Way To Build Your Business On A Budget

  1. Once you write an article and post it online it never stops working for you.
  2. You can use your articles to post on your website, blog, squidoo lens, myspace, facebook and a whole lot more.
  3. Article writing gives you credibility
  4. Google loves articles and will rate them highly if you use your keywords
  5. You can write an article and have it posted to hundreds of sites
  6. It’s free!

Be sure to read this FREE ebook The Expert Guide To Article Marketing

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Article Marketing In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Title – The title is the key to your success. This is how your reader will decide if they want to read your article or not. Make it catchy and use the keyword in the title.
  2. Keyword Rich Content – Be sure to keep your article fairly short 400 – 1000 words at most.
    • Use your keywords in each paragraph if possible while still sounding natural.
    • Use bullets or numbers to break up content and make it easier to read.
    • Do not try to sell in the body of the article because if you do it won’t get published. Save that for the resource box.
    • Keyword Research – If you need a refresher refer back to the keyword research training page
  3. Resource Box – This is your Call To Action. The main objective is to get the reader to click on your link to go to your site not to introduce yourself. Make your link your keyword not the url. Example: My Keyword instead of

The best way to learn how to write articles is to go over to eZine Articles and start reading articles on the topic that you want to write about. Get ideas and start writing!

Where To Post Your Articles

There are literally thousands of online sites that accept articles. You can post them manually or you can use the tool that I use to AUTOMATICALLY post unique versions of my articles to thousands of sites.

Free 3-day Marketing Course

Unique Article Wizard This is the program I use to generate hundreds of unique versions of my articles and submit them automatically to thousands of sites.

If the thought of writing articles make you cringe you can hire someone to write them for you for about $5.00 and article through

One final note. Be consistent! Don’t stop until you have at least 100 articles out there. The rewards will be huge. Happy Writing!!!

See you at the top!!

A product that I use that creates unique versions of my articles so that I don’t have duplicate content out there is:

Unique Article Wizard

It also sends my articles to HUNDREDS of ezines all at once. I wouldn’t write articles without it.