Broadcast Emails & Affiliate Links

One of the most valuable assets you have is your list of people who opt in to your site. You need to make the most of this list and here is how you do it.

As you are building your business you will need to have a way to generate income to pay for your marketing. That’s called a funded proposal and with it you will have a way to market yourself and not spend a lot of your own money. It is a key to success in the beginning.

So how do you do it. Just use the autoresponder messages that were included in the Autoresponder Training and insert your affiliate links to products that you believe in.

Just think of products that you have used to help you learn this business and sign up as an affiliate. Another great place to find affiliate programs is through

Now we know that 95% of the people who see your Business Opportunity will not join and that’s OK.


First of all we only want the best of the best and second it’s OK because you can still make money from them through the affiliate programs that you offer in your emails to them.

And it really is sooo easy to do, once you get the foundation laid down properly and just start using the simple marketing tactics and strategies I teach you.

Once you’ve got your Marketing System set up, your capture page, your lead capture form, your email auto-responder campaign… generating income on auto-pilot comes down to just ONE thing…

Driving quality traffic to your website.

THAT’S IT. And honestly, that’s the EASY part!

The hardest part is getting the entire marketing system set up in the first place. This is usually the BIG obstacle that stops most network marketers from ever creating any success online.

And we’ve taken care of all of that for YOU!!

Your email auto-responder continues to follow up with your prospects on a regular basis providing them with quality content, training and tools and resources to help them in their businesses.

You simply promote valuable training and resources and products to your list and just like that… you make money.

All on complete auto-pilot.

And as long as the content is good, and the resources you promote are valuable to your prospects, you can promote as many resources to your list as you want… until the end of time… (or as long as they remain on your list : )

If you stick to it, and build it right, and build it big, you will be able to make as much money to fund your marketing as you like, just by sending one simple email to your entire list promoting whatever product, service, or training you choose.

I really hope you are getting the BIG PICTURE here…

Once you start getting leads in your pipeline you can send out weekly broadcasts. This is a great way to stay in front of your leads.

Learn how to send a broadcast email here

[flashvideo filename=videos/broadcastemail.flv /]

You should make it a habit to Broadcast and email to your list once a week. Don’t underestimate the power of this. Even if they never join your team they might buy a product that you recommend and that helps you pay for marketing.

Always be thinking big picture.

Because if you get this one concept, and you do it right… YOU CAN NOT FAIL.

I’m so excited for you and what is possible if you just take action…